Pure dive training, no certification but extremely valuable experience

Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion

Buoyancy, trim and propulsion are mandatory skills. They represent the foundation on which you can count throughout all of you diving career, there is not enough stress put on the importance of these basic skills and most divers jump into courses they are not ready for.

Starting overhead or technical training without mastering these skills is a waste of time and money and highly unsafe. This is a preparation workshop strongly recommended for recreational divers willing to improve their platform of basic skills in order to be ready for technical training.  Buoyancy and trim must be spot on to be able to deal with the tasks that mixed gas or cave/wreck training requires. 

Survey and Exploration

Every time you enter a cave for the first time that makes you an explorer, most cave divers take great joy in following someone else’s steps but a few others aim to go where no one has been before. If virgin cave exploration is your final goal you need to work hard for it!

Take proper basic training and the spend hours in the water until your technique is spot on, then you can go look for your first new passage!  There is no running without walking first! Laying a line without knowing where it might go makes little sense.

I personally don’t believe in teaching exploration or advanced technique to divers that I have never been diving with, I need to be confident in their skills and most of all their mental capacity. If we have never been diving together come for some dives and we will figure out if it is for you. After all there is no place better then Mexico with its warm water and infinite possibilities to start. Depending on time and capacity the workshop can go from basic line laying and survey to scouting in the jungle around interesting areas to find new Cenotes. Get your boots, GPS and machete ready!

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