Mauro Bordignon 

Mauro’s time is divided between sharing his passion and training new Cave Divers, exploring the endless caves of the Yucatan peninsula, providing lighting for world renowned photographers Laurent Benoit and Joram Mennes (among others), coaching Crossfit and hanging out with his dogs!
I was born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy in 1975. My passion for diving started 1997 thanks to a friend that was teaching diving with a local dive club. A few minutes into my first swimming pool dive were enough, diving would become an important part of my life.  In 1998 I had my first approach to cave diving in the beautiful (and very cold) springs Elefante Bianco, Oliero (Grotta Parolini) and Fontanazzi, only 20 minutes from my hometown.
2001 graduated from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice with a degree in English Literature, I decided to take some time for myself and moved to Egypt to work as a dive guide. The original plan was to stay 6 months and then look for a “serious” job at home, I ended up staying in Egypt for almost six years.

2007 I moved to Mexico to pursue my passion for cave diving. Still teaching open water courses, I began my path to become a cave diving Instructor and started cave exploration.

2009 Sistema Xunaan Ha Resurvey and Exploration; the project started in 2009 and in two years brought the cave system to over 50 km of extension. Mauro is responsible for the connections of XH with cenote Palomita, Sistema X-Casel and Sistema Pitch among others. The exploration is still active, getting further inland, looking for a new entrance for an easier access to the upstream End Of Line 11.890 feet from air. Exploration Project Cenote Chan Chemuyil Norte, Chemuyil, Mexico; exploration Sistema Templo, Chemuyil, Mexico.

2010 Exploration Project Sistema Three Holes, Chemuyil, Mexico, Cenote Balan Ak, Chemuyil, Mexico; Sistema Under the Bridge, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

2011 Exploration Project Sistema Lycka, Tulum; Sistema Ek Be, Chemuyil; Cenote Sand Crack, Tulum, Mexico; Cenote Doggi, Muyil, Mexico.

2012 Exploration of Sistema Sand Crack, Tulum, Mexico; Sistema Caterpillar, Muyil; Sistema Doggi, Muyil.

2013 Sistema Sand Crack, Sistema Caterpillar, Sistema Doggi, Sistema Nohoch Pek, Jaguar House cave, Sistema Chikeen, Cenote Red Dragon, Cenote Iron Monkey, Cenote Drunken Snake, Sistema Murena, Sistema Ek Be and Sistema Xunaan Ha.

2014 Exploring on numerous caves in the Riviera Maya. In October I took part to the first Mahafali Karst Exploration Project in Madagascar, funded by National Science Foundation and National Geographic.

2015-16 Continues the exploration in the Riviera Maya, Tulum area with the discovery of new caves like  Galaxians, El Guano, the Nest and numerous others. In August I was involved in the GGG Project in the Grotta dell’Acqua Nera. Gruppo Grotte Giara Modon is where I started cave diving and I assisted the guys in 2001, helping for the set up of one of the first explorations there. Being the lead explorer with the guys making it possible was an honor and it felt kind of like closing the circle.

2017 Completed Cave 1 in GUE and focusing my time working towards Fundamentals instructor. Different cenotes and sumps have been explored in collaboration with Peter Sprouse and the numerous cavers that work with him.

2018 Exploration is focused on the upstream section of Xunaan Ha, starting from Cenote Pitch there are new passages waiting 12k feet in. Other projects in collaboration with Osama Gobara and David Dusek  in Mexico Cave Survey and the Zero Gravity/GUE Mexico Cave Exploration Project. A new exploration challenge this year is the Arizona Mine Exploration project, in the first scouting trip we explored around 700 feet in a copper mine, at 5900 feet/1800 meters elevation, 13 degrees C/56 F water temperature, with a maximum depth of 103 feet. Looking for more.

2020-2021 During this period exploration was mainly centered around Xunaan Ha upstream, using CCRs and multiple DPVs we extended the original end of line to six kilometers and explored multiple kilometers of new passages in the System.

In September 2021 we also managed to go back to the cave “Grotta dell’Acqua Nera” in Northern Italy, a project that started over 20 years ago with the friends of GGG, Gruppo Grotte Giara Modon. The cave is beautiful and difficult at the same time, you need three days to set up the exploration in Sump 3 where the cave continues, more in 2022!

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TDI Instructor for:
  • Side Mount Diver
  • Cavern
  • Intro to Cave
  • Full Cave Diver
  • Side Mount Cave diver
  • Stage Cave Diver
  • Dpv Cave Diver

TDI X-CCR and Hammerhead CCR Diver, KISS Side Winder and JJ Cave CCR Diver

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