Guided Dives

Cenote Cavern Diving

The cavern is the initial part of a cave, where you can still see the sunlight and you are close to open water.

The Yucatan peninsula is a unique place for cavern diving: the combination of warm and crystal-clear water and the closeness between cave entrances creates the perfect conditions for recreational divers to take a first look to the amazing world of the Mayan underground in complete safety.

Cenotes are sinkholes, surface breakdowns that give access to an underground water system made by rivers flowing through channels created by water itself in the course of thousands of years.

A cavern tour is a half day experience that includes two dives in these worldwide famous dive sites, for many divers it represents a mind-blowing experience and the discovery of a new passion!

Price: 200 $ for 1 diver, 150 $ two to four divers (contact me for group discounts or multiple days packages), included in the price are tanks, weights, lights, water and soft drinks.

 Guided Cave Diving

Nowhere in the world you find the extension and variety of caves that you find in the Riviera Maya. There is cave to satisfy newbies and those who already saw it all!

If it is you are fairly new for Mexico we will start by visiting the passages that made the history of cave diving with the possibility to continue with the most recently discovered caves.

Schedule your cave diving day as you like: chose between two regular two-tank dives or a long stage/multi-stage dive, depending on your training and experience.

Being a very active explorer I can guarantee that I will always have new amazing passages to show you: I promise I will show you some cave you will never forget.

Price per day: one dive no stage 230 $, two dives or one stage dive 275 $, price does not include cenote entrance fee, tank carrier for caves into the jungle and gasses different than 32% nitrox or dpv rental.

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